What Your Most Pressing Marketing Need?

"THATS THE PART I’VE BEEN MISSING all these months. Figuring it out on my own has been exhausting. Trial and error cost me time and money. If only I had a “YOU” in my corner for every stage of the business building (from passion to profit) I would probably be much further along (and profitable)." Jennifer M.

A VIP Day to:

Blaze Your Trail

What is that burning purpose God has placed within you?

How do you get all that jumble out of your head & into a simplified path?

How do we turn confusion into clarity so you can SEE where you are going?

How long will it take? How do I do it? Can I have a roadmap to implement so I can grow?

In 1 fully focused day (6 hours), we'll

Unscrambled your brain (ideas)

Streamline a pathway

Create a roadmap

Identify the tools & resources to get the "job" done.

Set you up with a 90 day plan to implement

Walk away knowing exactly what to do next and a receive a month of unlimited Voxer or email support (voice messaging) to keep you going . $1500

Ready to "Blaze Your Trail" together!

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2 hour call

Take A Leap

If you're feeling lost : where to, what next, or how to grow?

If you've got a hump: that's tough to get over alone.

If talking it out, getting expert advice & creating a clear plan will see you on the other side of this slump.

We could cover any ONE of these.

Map your marketing strategy

Build your customer journey

Create an irresistible offer

Plan your funnel strategy

Clarify your messaging

Or even discover your unique call; what lights you up & sets you apart.
Lead Funnel Kit Covers (1)
In 2 hours you'll walk away with clarity on your next goal, a strategy outline, the tools for action, your next steps which will help you move forward with momentum. 
$500 (includes pre-call questionaire and post call follow-up for questions to be answered.)
A 20 minute strategy call:

What's Your Walk About?

Where are you stuck?

What do you hope to achieve?

What do you need answers to?

How do you work best?

This is a free, no obligation call.
How can we help you step into you, so you can move forward in your business in a way that works for you. 
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Website VIP Options


3-5 Page Website Build

A VIP day : where I spend the day working on building 3-5 pages of your website.

It includes a 90 minute call beforehand to guide you on collection.

Page numbers will vary depending on your preparation.


VIP Week

The LOT : Website Plus!

A Full VIP Week: where I focus on your project to build out:

A 5 page Website

A Blog

A Lead Funnel

A course Area

I have very limited availability for builds.

Please apply below.

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Not ready for VIP Services?

What Your Most Pressing Marketing Need?

Some more options coming soon.

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