What's A VIP Day?

A ONE DAY Experience dedicated to you: 

Take all your brilliant ideas that feel messy, disconnected and scattered ...

and turn them into a streamlined, profitable offer you're excited about.

Gain momentum from the clarity & confidence to launch.

You've got an idea but you're not sure how to package & launch it!

You're all in your head & can't get out of your own way! Guess what .... YOU'RE NORMAL! Yay! (That's a relief!)

You know what else is a relief? You DON'T have to do it alone!

After all, isn't that what you want your own clients to know! That they can get help ... to solve their problem!

Right now, it's your turn to accept help! ~ I'd love it to be me!

We can get you moving forward in A SINGLE DAY!

 "Blaze Your Trail" is a one day, VIP Experience to get your offer from the heart of you ... all "wrapped up" into an irresistible package ~

Then tied up in a "bow" with an implementation strategy so you can take the steps to GET IT LAUNCHED!

With a VIP Day, there's no more

⇒ long drawn out process that sees time slipping by

⇒ guessing your way through uncertainty & fear

⇒ slowed progress due to lack of clarity

⇒ course rabbit holes that you never complete

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Securing A VIP Day

If you would like to talk first, book a call.

If you're ready to book a VIP Day:

  • choose a day on the scheduler, make sure it is a day you can be "virtually available" for the full day
  • Fill the form & sign the proposal
  • pay a 50% deposit or pay in full to secure your day

Step 2

Pre-VIP Day

Once you’ve booked your date:

  • you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire
  • please complete this at least 72 hours before the VIP Intensive
  • it will take ~40 mins

Completing the pre-work is important to make the most of the VIP day.

Step 3

On The Day

We'll follow my Framework starting with a 2-3 hour call to work through a process, spend time apart working on parts of the plan and ending with a 30 minute call

  • Connect (together)
  • Collaborate (together)
  • Create (independently)
  • Cast (together)

Follow-up Support

After Your VIP Day

A video walk through will be provided along with the implementation plan.

The following support is available as needed:

  • 30 days of Voxer or email support to answer questions to clarify the plan
  • optional - 30 min meeting with any of your team members after your VIP day to share the plan . 

Package Includes

  • Pre-intensive questionnaire
  • A full day dedicated to you for creating a strategic plan (7 hours)
  • Intensive strategy call (2-3 hours or more as needed)
  • A streamlined 90 day implementation plan with video walkthrough
  • Follow up call for questions, clarification & review
  • 30 days of unlimited Voxer or email support


The true nature of a VIP Day is Efficiency

Maximum results in a short amount of time.

A win - win for both parties! Save time, stress and money through delayed projects. 

Implement faster and move forward with focus.

VIP Day Marketing Strategy

Stage 1 - CONNECT: Connecting with you, your business dream, your offer ideas and your audience.
Stage 2 - COLLABORATE: A two-three hour call (flexible with time, needs and energy) to walk through a process of clarifying, planning & deciding.
Stage 3 - CREATE: A detailed offer strategy and implementation plan for immediate action. You can even start taking action on the day and get feedback.
Stage 4 - CAST:  CAST THE VISION: Commit to setting the "adventure in motion".
  • Pre-intensive questionnaire
  • A full day dedicated to you for creating a strategic plan (7 hours)
  • Intensive strategy call (2-3 hours)
  • A streamlined 90 day implementation plan
  • Follow up call for review
  • 30 days of follow up Voxer or email ticketed support

If you are ready for CLARTY TO MOVE FORWARD in your marketing, let's begin the journey together!

Current Investment $2000

(Spots are limited - typically booking 2-4 weeks in advance)

Follow-up half days are available for returning clients

Not sure exactly what you need? Book a Call

Wondering what else is possible in a day?


Uncover The Passion That Lights You Up

A VIP half-day where we walk through all the thoughts, ideas and brain clutter to make way for clarity to find your passion.

When the light comes on inside you, we discover the purpose that's worth building from and gets you excited about the impact you can have & your bsuiness.


Clarify & Map Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A Full VIP Day where we map an online path that invites your clients into your adventure & and takes them on a journey that grows your business.

The clarity not only helps you move forward but keeps you on the simplest path for success. Take it and implement!


A Fully Automated Lead Funnel Ready To Launch

A Full VIP Day where my team and I build out your fully automated lead gathering system (funnel) from social posts, optin funnel, lead magnet, right through to email sequence, automation and launch.

You can start gathering leads the very next day.

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