Business & Marketing Strategy, Copy & Design For Kingdom Impact

A Streamlined Plan of Action

helps turn your vision into a reality!

We'll create a roadmap and online presence to grow your business!

We are our greatest barrier to fulfilling our call.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Gaining CLARITY removes fear & creates MOMENTUM!

Strategic action leads to GROWTH,

both as a person & in business.

"It all started with YOU! You did this to me!"


You gave me the courage to build from my passion. I can’t believe it’s all about to come to life.

I needed direction and someone to meet me where I was. There you were! Willing, ready, and able! You shined a light on something I was passionate about but was totally blind to. I never saw it as an opportunity, until YOU did!

You dared me in that moment to dream. And I did. I took every word you said to heart. I saw the big picture. I felt the potential. And I had YOU telling me it was all possible.

You were everything I needed in that moment and you’ll be the same for countless others. You have the ability to not only help them hone in on their natural talents/passions but you also have the skill to help them build those passions into a profitable business.

Jennifer Mullins

Jennifer M.

I'd love to help you ~

Cast your vision | Map your path | Plan the tools | Build your assets

It's possible you've come for a website ~

Before we go there, may I ask you 3 questions?

Do you know your audience REALLY well?

Do you know the talk that is actually going on inside their heads? Do you know what problem they "think" they have? What have they tried already?

Is your marketing message REALLY clear?

A confused mind will not bite (buy). Message clarity matters! They need to believe what you offer is possible & you are the right person to help them.

Do you have a clear customer journey & know your transformation?

It's important to know where you're meeting them & the steps they'll take to achieve the end result that they desire?

If NO, here are some ways we can work TOGETHER!

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A 20 minute call:

What's Your Walk About?

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2 hour call

Take A Leap

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Blaze Your Trail

Australia on part of the globe

Hi! I'm Karen

Founder & CEO of Walkabout Digital

Let's Get All Those Ideas Out Of Your Head & Into the World!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant I have the privilege of helping people like you ~

  • uncover your ideas,
  • map your journey,
  • package your offer,
  • share your gifts your way, and
  • know the tools you need to fulfill your dreams of helping & impacting others

With a safe space to share and unravel, we get to discover what's already inside of you, package it up and map the strategy to deliver it to others.

You may think you are ordinary, but you are not! You have the potential for extra-ordinary & Kingdom impact.

Need clarity on your offer or value ladder? Chat with Karen…today!


Most entrepreneurs don’t suffer from a lack of ideas. Generally, the challenge is that they have too many ideas rolling around in their head in one jumbled mess.

Karen has the uncanny and natural ability to pull those ideas out and help put them in an order that makes sense…and makes money!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen on some joint projects. She is a true professional who, not only cares about her clients but is committed to helping them achieve their goals as if they were her own.

Having seen her dedication and vast knowledge firsthand, I was not hesitant to hire her to help me. In a short session, she helped me get all of my ideas out of my head and organized in a manner that allows me to extend my knowledge to serve others while achieving my personal financial goals.

If you have the chance to work with Karen, take it. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am.


Tammy C.

"THAT'S THE PART I’VE BEEN MISSING all these months. Figuring it out on my own has been exhausting. Trial and error cost me time and money. If only I had a “YOU” in my corner for every stage of the business building (from passion to profit) I would probably be much further along (and profitable)." Jennifer M.

You Have A Gift For 

Extra-ordinary Impact

It's time to uncover & share it.

Feeling there's More?

If the current journey doesn't feel right (or complete),

Let's uncover your God-given gifts & passions

(Don't waste your life on something that just "pays the bills")

  • Step into the gifts that make you you!

  • Clear the confusion & streamline the strategy that gets you unstuck.

  • Map a simplified yet detailed path that moves you forward.

Create a journey that you enjoy

because it aligns with your natural gifteings

Ready For That?

"It was fabulously liberating, my entire business felt lighter because I wasn't holding all of these possibilities in my head."


I feel so confident and excited when I take clients through the process.

I took old structures and old services that I'd offered before and put it into a new streamlined process and I don't think I could have gotten there to that point without Karen's help.

She was instrumental in helping me find clarity and confidence in walking people through this new offer and knowing how what I do brings tremendous value to client businesses and helps them get farther than they could without me. 

And Karen did that same thing for me.

Shannon B.

Are you wondering ...

  • What do I do with all the ideas?

    My head is about to explode with ideas and I need help to streamline & package them.

  • How do I structure my business?

    I am just unsure and constantly changing my mind about how to structure if for transformation that actually teaches, engages and helps them down a success path.

  • Is it valuable enough

    What should I be doing to ensure they are receiving value

  • Is the offer clear?

    I have got myself all confused again and found it challenging to clearly define!

  • Is it irresistible yet?

    I'm find it difficult to make this feel tangible & feel like I am missing the mark with something.

  • Is there anything else missing?

    It's giving me a headache thinking about it!

  • How much?

    I've hit another snag in my offer creation process. I'm having trouble with pricing the value of my deliverables.

  • What do I do first? or Next?

    I'm not sure where to go from here or what to do next! Is it a mindset issue or I just lack clarity?

  • What I can offer & what do they need?

    I can’t really define an offer, or assemble a package. I’m following some courses but I still have issues in selecting the best value I can offer and above all - what I would love to offer to my clients.

  • How does it fit in to my ascension (value ladder)?

    My brain feels broken thinking about it and I can't see the path.

How would it feel to not have to figure it out on your own?

Whether you are already well into your journey or wanting to start


Walking With Others

Wonderful Clients

"Karen has been such an incredible help to get my small business projects organized, prioritized and moving forward. She's gifted in catching the essence of the goals I want to achieve and streamlining those ideas into actionable plans that will maximize productivity.

It's a true joy to collaborate with someone that gets you and emanates such peace while applying her extensive marketing knowledge to provide clear direction, making manageable steps, which would normally be painstaking, tumultuous tasks for me.

Thank you Karen, grateful for you."

Adrienne (2) (1) (1)
Adrienne O

At the end of a VIP Day with Erlinda, we successfully brought all of her current offers into a streamlined value ladder which clarified her customer journey. Using the gifts, skills & ideas she already had, we also mapped out a high ticket offer that would not only have greater impact for her clients, but also give her the potential to replace the income from her recent job, all while doing what she loves the most.

With a plan for she & her team to implement over 90 days, she completed the day excited for the year ahead.

We integrated other resources she had spent money on into the plan so they were not wasted.

Erlinda V

"I truly believe that any vision one may carry in their heart is never completed unless it is presented in a way where everyone around you can also see it. What was impossible for me to create, Karen Trezona accomplished in only a few months.

Karen is an artist born and raised in Australia. She resided in a region surrounded by the Aboriginal People. After our first meeting, she immediately made a connection with a deep sense of understanding to artists in the Black and Brown communities being overlooked.

Karen executed my vision on an electronic canvas beautifully. It represents everything I am and love. Her encouraging the use of the artist's artwork on the website in order to convey my story was brilliant. I am so honored that she has become a permanent family member of CAfED."                   “A picture is worth a thousand words” Henrik Ibsen

DSCN3335 (5)
Nelson S

Move forward with Confidence because you have Clarity

Life & business are an adventure! Let's go 'walkabout' together!

Karen Trezona

Learn more about my journey here

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