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When you're on pause because the decisions & information have overwhelmed your brain,
It's time to stop "walking" alone.
Renew your vision with gentle guidance & a 2nd set of eyes.

"I felt so heard and understood by you!"

Jade B.

Life & business are an adventure! Let's go 'walkabout' together to create your impactful journey!

Karen Trezona

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In my home country of Australia, it is common for indigenous people to go walkabout which is a journey for an indefinite amount of time.

Growing up in the outback and amongst these people meant life was full of adventure. So starting a new business was like another BIG adventure, (a walkabout for an indefinite amount of time)!

My first business, after kids, was creating a new physical product.

But ... I wanted to sell it online!

I pulled up my bootstraps & got to work … I would learn it all, do it all & enjoy the ride!

However, I was also holding onto my "piggy bank" so tight to save pennies that I didn’t realise I was choking the business & suffocating myself.

Eventually, after depleting resources, my “outback bed” project gathered dust in our basement.

I thought I was saving money by doing it all, but in the cost me everything.

It was over.

Yet during the process a new interest had emerged.

After investing so much time, energy and finances into understanding the digital marketing world, I discovered a new passion.

Helping entrepreneurs build their online business.

I get the privilege of helping others create something beautiful from the gifts already within them.

Walkabout Digital helps fellow entrepreneurs like you keep moving forward & give wings to your dreams without getting lost in the offers, the tech & marketing jargon.

Don't let your dream get "buried in the basement".

In short, my multi-passionate, visionary self loves to help you stay in your zone of genius …… where only you can transform lives in the way you do with your unique gifts and talents while I hear you & guide you into your IRRESISTABLE self (and offers).

Let's go on your own walkabout & create a business adventure you enjoy

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