Ready to share your walk with the world?

A custom website (plus) launched in a week!

Turn an overwhelming project into a simple, straight forward process that gets your digital presence built in a way that truly represents you.

A drawn out website process creates unecessary stress

(Who needs any more of that?)

Jumping in & out of a project adds to decision fatigue!

Back & forwards emails which get lost in your inbox!

Waiting & wondering if your site will EVER be launched!

Trying to manage tech without support that puts you in a spin!

Let's save your precious time -

 with speed, excellence and transformation!

Choose the VIP Option to Suit Your Needs

Website Design VIP Day

Get Your Website Done In One Day

A VIP day : Design & build a 3-5 page website that gives you all you need to get your online presence started. Includes an on page opt in for your Free offer. All copy and custom images must be provided. $2000

Website Plus In A Week

Get A Website, Optin, Blog + in A Week

A Full VIP Week: A fully customised website that includes 3-5 pages, plus a 2 page optin funnel, course/membership area design, an order form and a blog layout (all copy & custom images must be provided). $7500

Clean, beautifully branded and strategy focused websites that allow you to share your important message & story with the world.

It's time to

Website In A Week

5 page website to show what your "walk" (business) is about

2 page optin funnel to collect leads

Blog (main page, blog template & 3 posts) to share wisdom

Course Portal (Log in page, lesson templates, welcome area, product) ready to add your training

90 minute pre-call to help you know exactly what to prepare

Training on how to manange it (if you want to)

30 days follow up support

The process is simple

Book Your Week

Get your slot on the calendar and secure your week

Schedule a week and confirm your date with a deposit or pay in full:

  • I only take one booking a month
  • You'll need short intervals to be available for check ins and feedback
  • We'll schedule an early planning call so you know exactly how to prepare

Pre-Week Prep

We'll start the gathering process together and create a plan for you

Know exactly what you need to gather:

  • Sometimes it's the little things that hold you up so we'll get the challenging parts knocked out
  • You'll start gathering with a clear plan and have everything in one place for future use

VIP Web Week

This week will be dedicated to your project, fully focused.

Collaborate, Create, Celebrate!!

  • We’ll communicate through a text messaging service of your choice
  • We'll have a couple of quick zoom calls for clarification & review.
  • We'll end the week celebrating your website launch!

Follow-up Support

You won't be given "the car" without "the keys".

Whether it's a little fine tuning, some clarifying questions, or a quick "how to", I want you to feel as confident as possible to get "on the road".

  • After the week, you’ll have 30 days of support on anything related to the work done during your VIP Week! 

  • You’ll also have access to the Membership area filled with helpful tutorials and videos

The Platform I Work In DROPFUNNELS


  • Website
  • Funnels
  • Built in Quiz Funnels
  • Course Area
  • Products
  • SMS
  • Hosting
  • Easy integrations
  • Fastest Loading Funnels & Landing Pages
  • For Maximum Conversions
  • Powerful, Customizable Courses and Membership Areas
  • Fully Customizable Authority Sites
  • SEO-Powered, Google-Ranking Blog
  • Unlimited Products, Funnels, Courses, Members, And Sales
  • Excellent Support
  • No Coding or Tech Headaches, Just Drag-and-Drop


Package Includes

Account set up (on a new or exisiting platform)

Website layout of your choice customised and styled with your unique branding, photos, graphics & copy.

Responsive (mobile & tablet friendly)

Two rounds of revisions

Strategy session for needs, decisions, tech/account set up and planning for prep work.

Social Media channels linked

Domain connected with SSL certificate, (Security)

Guided content worksheet for easy writing & gathering.

Recommendations for resources and service providers for other needs.

30 days of follow up support

Training to help with simple changes of copy, images, videos and blogs.

Basic SEO

Other Questions:

Although I do not write the content for you, if you’re writing it yourself, I do provide  content templates to help guide you!

I also provide feedback & strategic advice on what’s missing, what’s confusing, and what can be improved.

If you need help finding a copywriter to do your website copy, I can help you find someone trustworthy.

Yes. I have a 50/50 plan and we can discuss further split payments if needed. However, full payment is due 7 days before your VIP Week.

It's important to me that your website truly represents you and your brand. Even though I use templates as a base because it gives us a guide to your style, it will be customised to be uniquely yours.

Obviously a week is quite a chuck of my dedicated time and due to the effort required to provide excellence, I only do one website a month. 

Rescheduling could mean a number of months out. 

There will be a sliding scale of rescheduling fees starting at $500 depending on how close to your week it is.

Depending on what you already have in place, there will be some platform costs. 

I'm happy to assess and discuss your needs to give you a more accurate estimation of platform costs.

If you have additional requests, there may be extra costs however the scope of work will be clearly outlined in the contract and no extra work will be invoiced without discussion and approval of a proposal first.

This depends a great deal on what you already have in place. If you have branding, high quality photos and copy, it will probably only take you a couple of hours to gather and set up. 

If you only have some of these things (or none) we will discuss your needs and walk through as much as possible on a 90 minute strategy call. This will also create a plan for gathering. You may need some more hours over a few weeks if you have a number pieces to gather. We can work out how to make this as easy as possible.

On a call, we will walk through this and get everything set up that is needed for me to then be able to work without bothering you with tech. That way you won't get tech overwhelm or have to figure anything out on your own.

That's an easy fix. I can help you walk through getting your domain on our strategy call. 

If it's on another platform, I will just need access to your other platform for the transfer and that is all part of the project.

Customised Website & Sales Page Designs

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