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Map Your Streamlined Business Plan With a Value Ladder

What is a Value ladder? Why do you need one in your business? And how can it help take your business and your people from Egypt to the Promised Land without spending "40 years" in the Wilderness.

Watch the Free Training to turn your scattered ideas into a streamlined plan that creates the clarity and confidence to move forward in your business.

Although your call is for far more than money, consistent income sure helps!

To build a profitable business, you need to -

Get more customers
Do repeat business with those same customers
Sell higher volume or higher ticket products to increase revenue

A Value Ladder helps map the path to achieve this.

The Video Training On the Next Page Will Guide You To ...

"Blaze Your Trail"

Map your business plan (& client transformation) through the lens of the Exodus

so you can step confidently into action and invite others into your journey.



What is Value Ladder & What Does it Do ?

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Why You Need One To Simplify Your Business?

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How Will It Streamline Your Business?

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Mapping Your Business & Customer Transformation

Ready to escape your own wilderness wandering?

Let's map your way forward!

Free workbook

Everyone who registers also gets the downloadable PDF workbook so you can follow along and fill-in-the-blanks as you go!

Copy of Customer Journey - Exodus LM
What's On Your Horizon (1)

You Already Have An Idea or Offer That You Know Changes People’s Lives … helps them move "through the wilderness and into a promised land".

However, if you’re still not clear on the path you need to takeyour progress isn't as fast as you want it to be, and you dread getting bogged down or to have it consume your valuable time.

Lacking clarity on what you REALLY want to offer OR on the path you need to take to reach your big goals creates overwhelm that you just don't need.

This training will guide you through mapping your journey for your next or best offer.


Karen Trezona

As a multi-passionate, full of curiosity, I love getting excited with others about their dreams & goals while guiding them to know & see that it's possible. 

What is my Walk About? Supporting others to map their business in a way that lights them up & enhances their life!

I'd love to guide you through my "Blaze Your Trail" process so you can go from aimless wandering, spinning your wheels & self-doubt to stepping into clarity and confidence to move forward in your business so you can make the impact that God has placed on your heart.

Since I was a child, mapping and adventure have been part of life. Growing up in the outback with an entrepreneurial family made for an interesting & sometimes crazy journey. Then as a teacher & professional development trainer, I worked with students, teachers and whole school staff to uncover gifts & map out meaningful & impactful learning journeys!

... Seeing people uncover their passion, (even if it's one they didn't recognise as a gift), create & build out a monetizable offer, and map a marketing journey they actually enjoy ... is the best adventure to be on.

Would you like to go "walkabout" together?

Exodus Customer Journey

Map A Journey That Works For You AND Your Clients

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